The Heir to Disaster

Session 17.5

Saint Samarkov

Standing at the mouth of a tunnel and looking upon the ancient and monumental stairs ringed by statues of giant sentinels, the exhausted Starhunters are paralyzed with indecision about how to proceed. Moments later, a ghostly apparition which is possessed of its own silvery light emerges from the tunnel. It looks to be a twin of Aelish Samarkov herself. This Aelish, however, is clad in glorious raiment, befitting a duchess of Samarkov. The phantom Aelish bears a forlorn comportment. Moved to great pity, she reaches out to hold the cheek of her twin.

The volcano erupts. The awesome force of nature is unleashed, making ants of the Starhunters who crawl, myopic upon the surface of Em. The phantom Aelish’s Eladric, holy figure is shining. The grey sky cracks and a burning white rose is seen in the heavens. Eladriel has sent one of her intercessors, the Angel Levesath down to safeguard the Starhunters from this calamity. The angel is so bright and pure that mortal eyes cannot grasp its true form; they know only that wings have embraced them and carry them aloft amidst a maelstrom of cinders and smoke and splashing lava. They are deposited at the rim of the mountain, near the statue-warded castle overlooking the crater. A promontory there, dangling over the edge is home to the Lawstone of Strondkard. The ‘orb’ sought by the Starhunters is present here too, along with a prostrate figure who is cowering from the eruption below.

With A’Kelah acting first, the Starhunters reflexively take command of the ‘orb’ and use their power to seal the Fracture here. All the while the angel keeps the titanic dangers of the mountain at bay. As before at Imia and Myhta Petrea, light streams from the palms of the Starhunters as they wrangle the Merdian’s unstable energy. Wild snaps of ether are expended from the Lawstone and mingle with the volcanic lightning coursing through the pervasive clouds of ash. With their deed done, the mountain goes quiet. Levesath departs in a vortex which clears the atmosphere.

Looking up at the strangers now surrounding her is the bewildered (self-supposed) majesty of Rynas, Oksana.



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