The Heir to Disaster

Session 20

Echoes and Mirrors

Aelish returns, thanks to Leo’s spell. (fourth position, splendid raiment)
Ditto A’Kelah (fetal position, nothing but magic items)

Suspicion over Aelish, not for A’Kelah. Elaina stands up for Aelish.
Sascha likely gone.

Long hours talking over what is to be done. Perren announces his intentions to help Oksana by investigating what’s happened to the Magi, but he won’t say where.

Aelish wants to go the capital, as Almdor has told her that they’ve been going about their great endeavor all wrong. En route, Aodh receives a miraculous vision of Aelish, containing a divine message from her for him. The halfling confides in Leonidas only about that, though Gage overhears with his keen hearing.

Perren and the Swiftlight takes the Starhunters as a far as the outskirts of Antor before he is away again into the clouds. They make their way south, finding the road which ultimately leads back to Vorhon in the other direction. They find lodging in the coaching house Makar’s Home in the town of Etrotha, just outside the capital. Aelish keeps to herself. A’Kelah listens for gossip. Fendrys, Aodh, and Leo plot their next move.



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