Political Factions during the Legacy Crisis

Loyalists (blue cockades) – Supporters of Oksana’s right to the throne. Who would they marry? Even if they’re put in charge, what about succession?
Adherents: Agrafena/Oksana, Baron of Vesaia, Duke of Belsako, Prosecutor Beris Tanum, Lord Justice Arkadin, Sailtheurge Thyvalda, Taras

Removers (red cockades) – Supporters of Lord Magzim of Odenva. Who knows what will happen? He has made it clear publicly he will risk war for what he calls his birthright.
Adherents: Magzim Yumir, Duke of Odenva, The famous Thief-taker Romil, Lukiria Vanator

Legacists (white cockades) – PoliSci academic snobs who support a new republic tempered w/ ancestor worship. This would likely be bad news for poor people.
Adherents: Aliksei, Ignaz Gavro, Duke of Mostimor

Arcanaclasts (black cockades) – A minority that wants to join with the Myhtanian Empire and with the Tarimite religion. This would be bad news for magi.
Adherents: Serraturian, Honorable Reverend Cybris Vim

Precis – Independents, mostly merchant class, who want more profit and less govt. This would be bad news for nobles.
Adherents: Unknown

Political Factions during the Legacy Crisis

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