Important Sites

  • St. Agnes Tollstone Fountain, White City
  • The University of Arts and Lore, White City
  • Meppollin Palace, home of the Dragomov’s, White City
  • Pantheon at Uppercrest, White City
    • Corinthian Mausoleum, Tomb of the Dragomov’s, White City
  • The Citadel Rosette, White City
    • Volodine Abbey
    • Commandery of Knights of the White Feather
  • The Royal Mint, White City
  • The Locker Tunnels, Striton East bank
  • Statue of Athemay-at-Uppercrest, Uppercrest
  • Bellheart Tower
  • Treasury of Eurserel
  • Temple of Nephogar
  • Shrine of Myrnoch
  • Shrine of Rimanay
  • Temple of Yate
  • Shrine of Vartusk (dis-used)


Aurora’s General Store, Provisioner
Bank of the Braided League, Dwarven Treasurers
House of Linhart (Famed Armorers of Stolm)
Workshop of Arnost & Stijl (Famed Swordsmith)
Braveran Imports, Premier Textile Merchants
The Tallyfront Company, Mercenaries of Embra
Oldrich of Surday, Nazinkite Apothecary
Caliskan & Mayhar, Uk-Hashan Gunsmiths
‘Dustfinger’, Black Market Fence


The Green Dragon Inn ($)

  • Semi-monthly bear-baiting and cock-fighting events.

The Prancing Pony ($$)

  • Rumored dinner club for ‘nancy-boys’

Ryodor’s Rest ($$$)

The innkeeper is a one-eyed female dwarf named Agnhidg Teinedotr.

  • Menu
    • Stewed Sausage and Lentils, Tankard of Stout (10 cp)
    • Boiled Mutton and Millet Biscuits, Tankard of Ale (12 cp)
    • Stewed Watercress, Mug of Cider (4 cp)
    • Barley Porridge, Mug of Mead (4 cp)

The Sly Flourish ($$$)

The innkeeper is a stout male dwarf named Rakatl Haestedor

  • Menu
    • Boiled Mutton and Lettuce, Tankard of Stout (11 cp)
    • Roasted Grouse and Radish, Tankard of Stout (8 cp)
    • Stewed Mutton and Carrot, Tankard of Beer (11 cp)
    • Roasted Bear and Dried Pear, Glass of Brandy (1 sp)
    • Steamed Catfish with Saffron and Onion, Glass of Whiskey (2 sp)

The Domi ($$$$)

The innkeeper is a Silque named Nerulye. She is a retired philosopher, and keeps a small library of tomes and scrolls.

  • Menu
    • Poached Goose with Clove and Blue Cheese, Glass of Wine (3 sp)
    • Roasted Partridge with Coriander and Onion, Glass of Brandy (4 sp)
    • Poached Oxen with Sugar and Buckwheat Bread, Glass of Brandy (3 sp)
    • Poached Dragon and Dried Orange, Glass of Cider (1 sp)
    • Baked Shellfish and Onion, Glass of Mead (2 sp)
    • Boiled Pork and Carrot, Tankard of Cider (8 cp)


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