Elemental Titans

The Elemental Titans are primordial forces of creation that are one with the properties of matter and energy in the universe of Em. Together, they comprise all that gives form and shape, heat and motion to physical matter. The Titans are commonly divided into four entities. Historically, they are known by four names: The Watcher, the Fire Titan; The Sleeper, the Earth Titan; The Traveler, the Air Titan; and The Lurker, the Water Titan. They are also known by other names, such as Stratok (air), Lithok (earth), Pyrok (fire), and Hydrok (water), or Nomos (air), Solumos (earth), Incendos (fire), and Maros (water).

The Lurker
The Sleeper
The Traveler
The Watcher

The conceptualization of the Titans as responsive, fathomable entities reflects an anthropomorphic desire to interact with the great powers of substance and existence as peoples have traditionally interacted with deific avatars and other servants of the gods. The Titans, rather, represent many facets of the same originating power from which the Terrestrial is shaped, many names for the same force. It is only though the ‘lens’ of mortal sentience that the Titans have taken on distinct characteristics; these manifestations are merely a bridge toward the far more inscrutable and alien forces of material creation. Though they do receive cult-like worship, unlike many deities, the ‘Titanic’ forces rarely demonstrate regard for their followers. Individuals who have been so favored are not unheard of, but are exceedingly rare and often pay a physical or psychological price for communing too closely with powers beyond the ken of most sentient creatures.

Transitional Elemental Forces

More specific and refined aspects of the Titans are also sometimes made mention of by either their cults or by the incantations of some traditions of sorcery. These lesser aspects are seen as the union of two parts of the standard four-part elemental model. Note the transitory nature of each:

  • Lightning – air and fire.
  • Magma – fire and earth.
  • Ooze – earth and water.
  • Ice- water and air.
  • Vapor – water and fire.
  • Sand – air and earth.

Elemental Titans

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