The Lurker, the Water Titan

The Lurker is the elemental titan of water, also called Hydrok or Maros. Kemik and Veer divers alike tell tales of encountering a great, unknowable presence in the deep places of the oceans. The Lurker, roughly translated from the Kemik word ‘Ihsozith’ literally meaning “patient claws”, is the Titan most commonly spoken of by mortals, due in large part to the experiences and superstitions of sailors and seafarers. Many folktales, legends, and cautionary myths feature or center around the Lurker’s habitation of the seas and oceans.


Although associated with water in general, The Lurker is seen as strongly tied to the oceans. Lesser symbols include growth, fertility, poison, bad luck, and secrets.


When seen above the surface (which is rare), as with water elementals, the water titan usually appears as a rising tongue of water that ends in a curled point. Of course extensions of The Lurker, as well as lesser elementals, that are submerged or surrounded by water are virtually invisible to underwater observers.


Whirlpools, floods, tsunamis, geysers, waterfalls.


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