Nephogar is the goddess of knowledge and scribes. Despite always being shown as a crone, she is understood to be Myriath’ s younger sister. Nephogar keeps a map of all worlds which the other gods consult for their interventions. The pervasive influence of the Myhtanian language throughout Lakmyr and Napura is attributed to her worshipers spreading it for many thousands of years.

Domain (Knowledge)

Medicine, Knowledge, Snakes, Boundaries, Magic, Scribes.

Symbols and Omens

Snakes (especially around a wand or staff), scrolls,

Divine Locus

As a lesser goddess, no divine locus is ascribed to her.

Avatars and Manifestations

Nephogar is usually depicted as an old crone carrying a staff with a snake coiled around it. In her other hand she holds a candle or lantern signifying the light of reason.


Scribes, philosophers, mystics, students and academics all worship Nephogar. Like most lesser gods, her cult practices in secret, using codes and initiation rites.


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