Greater Gods

N Tarim – Unity, Balance, Universal Truth, Duality
Athemay – Judge, Law, Order, Tarim’s intercessor
Atho – Creator, Beginnings, Time
Eladriel – Compassion, Redemption, Forgiveness, Healing, Heaven
Embo (♀ Yunil) – The Moon, the Night, Despair, Curses, Hate, Night creatures (Owls)
Eurserel – Horses, Itinerants, Poetry, Smithcraft, Artifice, Wisdom and Instruction
N Galamoth – Destruction, Entropy, End of the World
Gan – Sky, Heaven, Messenger, Passages to other worlds, Weather
Gnost (♀ Shol) – Evil, Cruelty, Deception, Jealousy, Murder, Greed, Dragons, the Underworld
Holophy (♂ Yair) – Sun, Honor, Truth, Light, Hope, Fertility, Love
Ildus – Sailors, Ocean and Sea Voyages, Ships and Shipmaking
♀♂ Laashil (Melarus) – Fire, Magic, Protection, Insanity
Melaqua – Lust, Excess, Gluttony, Envy and Desire
Myriath – Magic, Fate/Fortune
Myrnoch – War, Battle, Soldiers
Nephogar (Erssus) – Medicine, Knowledge, Snakes, Boundaries, Magic, Scribes
Ozoghal (Ashidal) – The Drummer God; Earthquakes, Disasters, Destruction
Rimanay – Beauty, Fertility, Seasons
Semast – Disease, Fatigue, Sleep, Famine
Unshib (♂ Sersolis) – Oceans, Monsters
Thannith – Sky, Birds, Storms, Lightning, Celestial Objects, War
Valdenar – Forests, Wilderness, Beasts
N Vela – Death, the Underworld and the Undead
Yate – Agriculture, Flowing water, Fertility, Domestic animals, Festivity and Merriment

Lesser Gods

♀ Huyaba – Wind, Fire, Demons, Being Lost
♀ Syfrine – Winter
♀ Rana – Spring
♀ Rhea – Summer
♀ Iane – Autumn
♂ Untoeus – Undead, Rivers and Lakes
♂ Vartusk – Dragons, Nobility, Sacrifice, Wealth


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