History of Rynas

Geography of Rynas

The Political Situation in Rynas

Agrafena was born—female—to the shock and dismay of nearly all, 22 years ago. Two years later, her sister Oksana was born. Their mother, Queen Marina, died giving birth to Oksana. Sages say that at that same instant, hundreds of miles away, a terrible collapse in the dwarven hall of Therkheim killed her father King Grygor XII and his only brother, Prince Nikiv III (along with scores or hundreds of dwarves). This catastrophe is also when the Exalted Crown of Rynas was lost. This series of disasters set off a period of turmoil in the country. An Interim Council, formed of various nobles and high priests, arose and appointed itself in charge while the Legacy Crisis could be sorted out. Almdor, and every other sage available, tried for years to understand what this would mean. Scholars and wizards from other lands visited as well. Eight years ago, one of these visiting magi, a man named Azdar arrived in the capital. Azdar has assumed Almdor’s role as Oksana’s tutor. This is around the same time when Agrafena was sent away to the Volodine convent and when the court intrigue and jockeying for power became intolerable for Almdor and he self-imposed his ‘exile’ (which is really just keeping a very low profile in the middle of Samarkov). Almdor, famed for being able to see the future, was wise to leave the capital. Rumors abound that the University was effectively shuttered and a brutal crackdown on sorcery of all kind was enacted. Many magi were imprisoned, executed, or driven away by the Interim Council.





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