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Tarim is the god of balance, unity, duality, and universal truth. Among the gods, Tarim is closest to Atho the creator. Tarim, sometimes called “the Tarim”, is venerated and recognized as a fundamental force, rather than as an anthropic deity. Without Tarim, the squabbles and great powers of the gods would destroy the world. Without Tarim, the Titans and their magical beasts would reclaim and corrupt creation away from the civilizing and spiritual work of mankind. It is for this reason that the main pursuits of Tarimite institutions are to act as diplomats between the various societies of humans and to eradicate sorcery among them, the latter being seen as a heretical collusion with the Titans. Thus, there are two branches of the Tarimite religion. The Mediators are wandering diplomats and are members of the Trivian Church of Tarim, Vela, and Eladriel. The Inquisitors are a militant, monastic faction sponsored by various governmental and religious institutions all over Lakmyr focused on hunting down sorcerers.


Balance, justice, order, unity, duality. Tarim is very much associated with civilization and with the works and societies of mankind. The wild places of Em, and even the many communities of nonhumans, are seen as godless, chaotic, and outside of Tarim’s harmonizing ways. This is the primary reason for the evangelical and proselytizing character of Lakmyr’s Northern pantheon, as the Tarim is in need of being spread to all corners of the world.

Symbols and Omens

Elephants, solar eclipses, almond trees.

Divine Locus

No cosmic locale is assigned to the god, as the presence of Tarim is thought to coincide both with the world of men and everywhere among the gods.

Avatars and Manifestations

Only apocryphal tales and heresy make mention of Tarim taking on or having form. Most often, such tales assert that Vuldran was not a mortal prophet, but instead the god made flesh, so that he might walk upon Em to better do his work. Officially, however, all depictions of Tarim are treated as blasphemous and are quite rare.




Holy Sites



Mediators wear a tasseled white mitre and loose fitting robes (usually in black or grey), each worked with circle motifs symbolizing unity and harmony. Inquisitors take ascetic vows and favor, when not dressed for battle, simple and undecorated robes in mute colors and earth tones.

Affiliated orders, sects, and other groups

The Trivian Church
The Tarimite Inquisition.


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