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Vela is the dual-gendered god of death, the dead, the undead, and of the underworld. Vela’s terrestrial, female form is a psychopomp known also as “Eager Teeth” that walks on its hands while the male form, which is trapped in the Underworld, is a giant spider made of bones called “First of All the Dead”. Vela is a member of the Trinity comprised also of Eladriel and Tarim; together, the three deities are responsible for the births, judgments, and deaths of all humanity. Though the Trinity is thought to have some overlap in power between members in mortal affairs, Vela’s sway over the matters of death and dying is absolute. Vela is said to be jealous and spiteful of the living; souls caught in the god’s Web of Wicked Souls are sent back to Em as undead to harass and plague the living.

Domain (Death)

Death, dying, the dead, the undead and the Underworld.

Symbols and Omens

Hoops of chains or rope (often buried with the departed to affix their souls to the ceiling of the Underworld), death’s head imagery (often in triangular forms), spiders and spiderwebs. An inverted man or woman, often with a spider on its head.

Divine Locus

The Funnel of Souls, known also as the Hourglass of the Dead (Uk-Hashan, Mectran); both terms are synonymous with the Underworld. Vela’s realm is on the underside of the earth, in a massive cavity where the countless souls of the departed dangle over the Maw of Galamoth. The only thing separating the dead from their oblivion below is Vela’s Web—those who fall and escape Galamoth’s jaws by landing in the web—are captured by the spider-god and returned to Em as undead. Vela is the only being in the universe for whom gravity is reversed, it ‘falls’ to the ceiling of the underworld, keeping it safe from a plummet into Galamoth’s mouth. Indeed, Vela is the first the thing Galamoth ate, and the taste of the God of Death was so foul to Galamoth that he spat Vela out, leaving the god forever safe from annihilation.

Avatars and Manifestations

Vela is most commonly depicted as an enormous spider made of bones crawling on the underside of the world, where everything is inverted. Because of this, when Vela is shown in more human forms, it is usually as a naked or robed specter walking on its hands. Vela is said to experience time and gravity in reverse, thus the god has already learned the fate of each mortal and how they will die.









Affiliated orders, sects, and other groups:


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