The Watcher, the Fire Titan

The Watcher, known also as Pyrok or Incendos, is the Elemental Titan of fire. The name The Watcher comes from the Dwarven word ‘feimgallr’, or “observer in darkness”. Many traditions that mention the fire titan, including most schools of sorcery as well as Dwarven legends, consider The Watcher to be the first Titan, or else the most basic and earliest form of the four elements. Thus, The Watcher is seen as a force of both creation and destruction.


In addition to creation and destruction, chaos, madness, wisdom, protection, and demons are among the other things symbolic of The Watcher. Of course fire, from the smallest cinder to the sun itself, is all seen as the work, extension, or embodiment of the fire titan.


While the rare sightings of the other titans almost exclusively describe them as larger, fixed, and more passive versions of ‘elementals’, the watcher instead isn’t seen as a mound of walking, flaming debris (the common form taken by fire elementals). Instead, some witnesses claim to have seen or felt a presence looking out from various flames or lava flows. Descriptions range from visions of a face, an eye or pair of eyes, to merely feeling as though a fire is watching and looking back at those who stare in.


Volcanoes, sea-vents, wildfires, hot springs, large bonfires and other controlled burnings.


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