SETTING: The World of Em
SYSTEM: 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Special Conditions:

  • Critical Failure Chart
  • Most potions are in an alcoholic solution.
  • A standard Short Rest of one hour is required to expend Hit Dice to heal as usual.
  • Spending Hit Dice to heal during a Short Rest uses a portion of a healing kit.
  • A standard Long Rest of eight hours is required to regain Hit Dice and Spell Slots as usual. “The character also regains spent Hit Dice, up to a number of dice equal to half of the character’s total number of them.” (this rest does not heal all hit points, however. See below).
  • Full Hit Points are only healed after a Non-standard Longer Rest of 1 week.
  • Lifting & Carrying: STR x 10 in pounds. Exceeding this limit encumbers the PC (-10 ft. to speed)

Central Lakmyr

Lakmyr is the second largest continent of Em, after Napura. It lies south of Napura, dominating the southern and eastern
hemispheres of the world, and is bordered by the Aestallus and Vannus oceans. The gulfs formed by the Glimmer Sea near the southern tropic line and the White Sea south of that area both create a large isthmus along the east-west axis of Lakmyr that divides the main landmass in the east – known as Myraea – from the super-peninsula in the west called ‘The Scarlands’. Central Lakmyr is a major cradle of human civilization and a vital crossroads for trade, joining together goods from the far-flung corners of the Myhtan Empire, the distant spice-rich islands of the Great Archipelago, the jungles of Majdrabar, as well as Dicia where some of the most skilled craftsmen reside.

The Age of Suffering – Current year, Anno Legem 8369

Only the very wise and learned know much of the past. Few outside the libraries of Myhtan and Elansory know much of what has happened in the past beyond a few generations. The clergy, reading from the Sacred Rota, count 8,369 years since the prophet Vuldran appeared and dissolved the Untorine Circle, which precipitated the collapse of the Fallen World.


The dominant religion of central Lakmyr is the Church of Athemay, which is comprised of the worship of a trinity: Athemay, Goddess of Justice; Eladriel, Goddess of Virtue; and Vela, God of Death. These three powers regulate all the manifold lesser gods of the human pantheon. Those fortunate few who are granted miracles from the gods are known as the ‘Elected’. Wherever humans go en masse, they bring with them their ‘Sidereal Gods’ which, they claim, command them to hunt and kill the pagan ‘Megarids’ worshipped by the likes of Orcs, Lizardmen (Kemik), Merfolk (Veer), Gnolls, Dwarves, Elves. Many of the human faiths are also at odds with sorcery; the Tarimite Inquisition is sworn to hunt down and destroy rogue spellcasters they see as blasphemers.

The Heir to Disaster

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